Reviews from our Community

“Tara is such a calm, tender, nurturing person. My massages with her have been nothing but amazing. She pays attention to fine details and always puts me first. I have never left Tara without feeling like a brand new person.”


--Javier Valle, Yoga Instructor & Pro Aerialist, Miami, FL

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"Tara is a very experienced massage therapist. She is intuitive and feels connected to the body of her clients. She can sense where the client holds stress and she knows how to use the magic in her hands to provide relief and comfort. Tara is warm and welcoming and creates a safe space for healing and wellbeing. I have enjoyed Tara's massages and I highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for a professional and knowledgeable massage therapist."

Archeology for the Woman's Soul
by Corina Luna Dea

-Corina Luna Dea, Poet, Writer, Coach, World Changer

Chicago, IL

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"Tara is a lovely soul. From the moment she walks into a space she lights up the room with her peaceful calm. The light she gives and receives is beautiful to witness. Tara is timely and diligent with her services. I have known her for 3 years and she continues to be in service every day."


-Andrew Weingart, Founder of AllTruWarriors, Yoga & Mindfulness Coach, 

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Miami, FL